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Caloundra Landscaping is the perfect solution for all your landscaping needs. We offer a wide range of services to suit every need and budget, whether you want simple lawn care or an elaborate garden that will make people think they’ve stepped into paradise! Our highly-trained experts have been serving customers in various cities across Australia since 1998 so we are confident our experience can help you achieve whatever outdoor space goals you’re aiming for.


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Cost-Effective Services

At Caloundra Landscaping, we can help you balance your specifications and budget. We do not only offer expertly tailored solutions for our customers, but we also ensure to offer them affordable materials to help them cut down on cost.

On-The-Dot Delivery

Our vast knowledge of Caloundra's landscape space allowed us to modernize our process flow to permit better facilitation and carry out an efficient and hassle-free execution for every project. We always ensure to deliver quality results right on time.

Licensed Professionals

We have been in the landscaping enterprise for many years, and our tradespeople are all licensed, insured, and certified to handle various work in the field. Due to our extensive expertise, we can cater to your unique specifications and preferences.



Question & Answer

First of all, we have to know what kind of services do you need for your homes? Services like outdoor tiling, turf laying, paving, retaining wall installation, and patio and pergola installation carry different costs. Some of the other factors that we also consider in determining how much a project would cost include the size of the structure to be built, the area to be covered, the type of the materials, and the intricacy of the custom design. Call our hotline today so one of our experts can assess your needs and provide you with a more accurate cost estimate based on your design specifications. 

A landscaping project may take between a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of structure to be built. On top of that things like the area to be covered, the necessary preparatory work, and even the weather can affect the timeframe of a project. Request a quote today so one of our representatives can provide you with a more detailed timeframe based on your requirements. 

Here at Mackay Landscaping, our line is always open for questions and inquiries. Call us at (08) 9509 6079 or send us an email at [email protected] so that one of our friendly representatives can attend to your queries.