Refreshing Front Yard Landscaping Ideas You Can Try

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With an excellently structured front yard, you can instantly make your property look more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, it can also help highlight your home’s architectural appeal and features. For these reasons, upgrading your home’s landscape can be a significant long-term investment and home improvement project you can work on.

At Caloundra Landscaping, our proficient and dependable team helps our clients have professionally landscaped front yards that reflect their lifestyle, personality and design preferences. Front yard landscaping doesn’t always have to be costly. Since our team has extensive work experience throughout the city, we can offer you a free, no-obligation quote that matches the services you require as well as the budget you have in mind. Let us help you show off the beauty of your home. Check out the fresh and simple front yard landscaping ideas you can try on your property.

Add Window Boxes or Floral Borders

If you are scouring for an affordable and easy landscaping idea for your front yard, adding a simple border of vibrant flowering plants can be your go-to choice. You can create a small garden bed in your yard to make your entryway more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. There is a myriad of annual and perennial flowers which can add a burst of colour to your plain yard.

Hydrangeas, petunias and evergreen bushes can be an excellent pick because they require minimal maintenance and care. However, if you don’t have enough space in your front yard, you can also use window boxes. This simple feature can accentuate the structure of your home and make it look more inviting.

Create Potted Borders

If you are just beginning to try your hand at gardening or you are too busy to maintain a full garden or flower bed, don’t worry because there are still a lot of alternatives you can try. One of the easy-to-maintain front yard landscaping ideas you can do is creating potted borders. You can plant evergreen shrubs or bulbs on pots or purchase potted flowers that are in season.

Building potted borders can help upscale the look of your bare yards. With the variety of pot colours, styles and designs, you can mix and match them with the plant of your choice. Moreover, you can also add pebbles and stones around the area where you will put your potted borders to substantially enhance its curb appeal.

Have Succulent Stone Planters

This front yard landscaping feature can fit into contemporary or rustic themes. Moreover, succulents are easy to take care of and maintain because they don’t really require regular watering. Succulent stone planters are an excellent addition to a xeriscape or a garden with minimal need for irrigation. They are available in a range of types, heights and colours, so you can mix the varieties and create a stunning succulent planter in your yard.

Some of the most sought-after succulent variety you can purchase is yuccas and aloes. Aside from the small types, you can also add some creeping succulents or evergreen shrubs to fill in the gaps in your stone planters. Find stone planters that can match the aesthetics of your home. After that, determine what part of your yard you can best place them. You can choose to have the succulent stone planters in a line, as a border or in tiered levels.