5 Ways To Keep Warm in Your Patio This Winter

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When you feel that winter is creeping in along with its chill and frigid air, you might opt to just spend all your time indoors. However, if you wish to combat the cold and maximize your outdoor living area without the risk of experiencing horrible frostbite, we got your back!

At Caloundra Landscaping, we want our customers to know that spending time outdoors, even in winter, is not impossible. With the right modifications and ideas, you can still maximize the use of your patio. Here are the six ways you can keep your patio warm and comfortable this winter.

Fire Pit

One of the most practical solutions you can try to keep your patio warm is to add a fire pit. It is a safe heat source because fire pits are usually small and well-contained. Besides that, they are specifically designed for outdoor living spaces. You can choose between a portable and permanent fire pit. If you are scouring for a heat source you can easily keep once winter is over, a portable fire pit can be the best alternative for you. On the other hand, if you want a fire pit that seamlessly blends into your patio design and landscaping, you can opt for a permanent fire pit.

Outdoor Heater

If you feel like it is a bit risky to have a fire pit in your patio, outdoor heaters can be your go-to choice. These free-standing and portable heaters are typically propane-fuelled and can be used for warming even large areas. In addition, some of these heat sources have wheels, so you can conveniently transport them from one place to another. Since it is practical, safe and affordable, many residents in Caloundra opt for an outdoor heater.

Blinds or Wind Barriers

Aside from having a great heat source in your patio, other additions that can help fight the cold in winter are blinds and wind barriers. These things are a convenient solution because you can easily find a variety of outdoor blinds and curtains. They help keep the warmth from your heat source and block the biting frigid winds. However, if you prefer to invest in a permanent fixture, you can attach retractable roll-down blinds on the supporting beams of your patio or install shutters if your patio has a roof.

Hot Tub

Relaxing in a heated and bubbling tub near your patio is a great way to warm and ease sore muscles in winter. After a long day of shovelling snow in your driveway, a long and relaxing soak in the hot tub can be the gratifying reward you can give to yourself. Just make sure that you have a towel, robe and slippers nearby to keep you out from the cold once you are done soaking in your hot tub.


Once you have ensured that your patio is properly heated, you can also change its overall look so it can be more comfortable for you, your family and your guests. You can add furnishings such as cozy cushions, fluffy pillows and thick blankets to your patio furniture so you can lounge and spend time with your loved ones outside without being exposed to the cold winter air.